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April 2012 Archives

You've filed your tax return. Or have you? -- Part Two

Last week's post made our Texas readers aware of the prevalence of fraudulent income tax returns that were filed using stolen identities. According to the Internal Revenue Service, a fraudulent tax return via identity theft is the number one tax scam that the IRS encounters. The problem is also growing.

You've filed your tax return. Or have you? -- Part One

Whew. Tax day 2012 is in the past and you've filed your tax return electronically. You think all is right with the world until you get a notice from the Internal Revenue Service saying that your electronic return will not be accepted -- because you've already filed your tax return!

Bipartisan bill could change tax law nationwide

A criminal conviction can send an individual to prison, sometimes for a very long time. According to a study by The Pew Charitable Trust, Texas had 171,249 prisoners as of Jan. 1, 2010. Recent improvements in DNA testing can sometimes prove that a convicted person is innocent, rather than guilty. When that happens, the former prisoner can sue the government for wrongful conviction, and obtain compensation for that wrongful imprisonment.

Lessons learned - the hard way - from TaxMasters

Our readers in Fort Worth have no doubt been following the story of the bankruptcy filed by Texas-based TaxMasters. The company's founder was a well known pitchman in television ads on a number of cable news channels. If you owed money to the IRS, TaxMasters could help you deal with the IRS -- or so they claimed.

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