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May 2012 Archives

Could Texas Tax Collectors Follow the Lead Set by Other States?

It is no secret that the financial situation of states around the nation is tight. States typically must balance their budgets, and they want to do so without raising taxes. So what are they doing? They're getting tough on tax collection.

'Fresh Start' Program Begins Soon: Part Three (an Example)

In our previous postings, our Houston readers learned about a program called "Fresh Start" that will be offered by the state of Texas. It is an amnesty program for taxpayers that owe taxes which have not yet been paid, as well as for taxpayers who have not filed tax returns.

Amazon.com Must Start Collecting Taxes on Texas Sales in July

Where do you shop? Depending on where you live in Texas or elsewhere in the nation, you could drive in traffic, have trouble parking, arrive at a crowded store, look for the item you want to buy -- and still leave the store empty handed. Another option would be for you to shop online while in your pajamas at your computer and have the item delivered to your front door.

Why use the 'Fresh Start' tax amnesty program? - Part two

Last week, we posted a blog about the "Fresh Start" tax amnesty program being offered in Texas. You may be wondering - does this apply to me? What are the advantages?

Texas 'Fresh Start' tax amnesty program announced - Part one

If you speak to anyone who has ever had a tax liability to either the state or federal government, you may hear stories about not just the tax, but the penalties and interest piled on top of the tax.

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