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Ideological Debate Swallowed By Reality: The Growth of the Asset Forfeiture Apparatus

**This is the third blog entry in a series - All You Need to Know about the Government & Asset Forfeiture**

While the desire to deprive criminals the fruit of their crimes is completely understandable, such obvious material incentive for the government brings with it the risk of tunnel vision and overzealousness. As with most other things, many unfortunate roads are paved with good intentions. One such perilous road involves deputizing bank employees in the fight against money laundering.

The involvement of private banks in the fight to increase asset forfeiture is one important reason for what has become the most comprehensive forfeiture mechanism in U.S. history. Because of their success, the DOJ has increased personnel for the identification, seizure and ultimate forfeiture of assets they deem to be involved with illegal activity. Such efforts include taking bank accounts, vehicles, houses, parcels of real property, livestock and businesses. In one instance in Fort Worth, the federal government forfeited an adult entertainment establishment. 

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