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June 2013 Archives

IRS to Make it Easier for Groups to Achieve Tax-Exempt Status

The new principal deputy commissioner of the IRS, Daniel Werfel, was handpicked by President Obama to overhaul the IRS's operations regarding the recent scandal of apparent discrimination against conservative-leaning groups filing for tax-exempt status. Werfel indicated that such groups seeking tax-exempt status would find a far easier process for achieving that status going forward.

Online Sales Tax Bill Running into Trouble in House of Representatives

An online sales tax bill that easily passed the Senate in May has hit many roadblocks in the House. At issue is not just the idea of online sales taxes, but where to draw the line between small and big businesses.

Employment tax fraud: many cases around the country

We've been paying close attention in this blog to employment tax issues in Texas. As we discussed six weeks ago, in our May 8 post, the IRS has been seeking to expand a program that offers incentives for employers to voluntarily reclassify workers who may not have been previously classified as employees. This program is called the Voluntary Classification Settlement Program.

Questions often abound as FBAR filing deadline approaches

The filing deadline for income tax returns is one of the rites of spring in American life. The vernal equinox, Easter and the NCAA basketball tournament are among the others. Easter is a movable feast whose date varies, but the tax filing deadline usually falls on April 15. 

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