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IRS to Make it Easier for Groups to Achieve Tax-Exempt Status

The new principal deputy commissioner of the IRS, Daniel Werfel, was handpicked by President Obama to overhaul the IRS's operations regarding the recent scandal of apparent discrimination against conservative-leaning groups filing for tax-exempt status. Werfel indicated that such groups seeking tax-exempt status would find a far easier process for achieving that status going forward.

The scandal erupted when it was determined that the IRS was placing groups that had words such as "tea party" or "patriot" in their names under extended review. While the focus seems to have been on the conservative groups, liberal groups were discriminated against as well. Many individuals with upper level positions have since resigned or been fired and the IRS is still attempting to get back on its feet.

While it is said that there was no indication of intentional wrongdoing by the lower-level workers deemed to be the main culprits of the events, the IRS has created an Accountability Review Board to determine within the next 60 days whether anyone else ought to be let go. Furthermore, groups that have been waiting longer than 120 days for tax-exemption status will effectively be granted that status automatically after a simple certification that they will "not engage in excessive political activity in violation of tax exempt law."

It is likely that this is not the end of the IRS's woes on this matter and that as the Accountability Review Board continues its investigations, more information will come to light on the matter. 

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