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The Forfeiture Lemon: Regaining Seized Property as an Innocent Owner

Participating in the American stream of commerce is a wonderful thing. We freely lend, sell, exchange, and transfer property to private citizens with little or no interference. However, this freedom comes with significant risk. We have all heard of the poor guy who buys a "lemon" meaning he bought something that turned out either to be in constant need of repair or to not work at all. Typically we associate the term "lemons" with property rendered worthless because of a mechanical defect. However, there is another type of lemon, or dud, which can destroy property's value even though it works. It's called the forfeiture lemon.

Could Your Bank Be Helping the Feds Take Your Money? The Latest Forfeiture Trend: Deputizing Banks for Assists in Seizure

** This is the first blog entry in a series - All You Need to Know about the Government & Asset Forfeiture**

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