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Swiss bank reserves $24 million to pay U.S. tax fine

In May, the U.S. Justice Department reported reaching a plea agreement with Credit Suisse AG. The bank pleaded guilty for helping U.S. taxpayers evade taxes. Under the plea agreement, the bank will pay a penalty of $2.6 billion. The plea came after years of investigations.

Failure to File Can Result in Criminal Charges

There are a number of very good reasons to be accurate and prompt when filing one's tax returns and the Internal Revenue Service attempts to motivate us with either a stick or a carrot. Some people prefer the carrot approach and file electronically early to get a tax refund quickly. Others forgo the carrot and either file late, or don't file a return at all.

Installment Agreements for Texas Tax Liabilities

State governments are notorious for being tough on delinquent tax liabilities because the state statutory and administrative codes lack the procedural guarantees so inherent in the federal government's Internal Revenue Code. The State of Texas is no exception.

Delinquent Taxes Have a Ripple Effect in La Marque

Every homeowner and business owner in Texas is required to pay some sort of taxes. They range from sales and use tax or franchise tax, to property tax and cigarette tax. According to the Texas Comptroller's Office, that department collects more than 60 types of taxes and fees. When a resident or business falls on hard times, they may not make their tax payments.

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