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Getting out from under an IRS tax lien: case of a former Cowboy

Terrell Owens is a well-traveled former NFL player whose talent as a wide receiver brought him to several teams over the years. This included a three-year stint with the Dallas Cowboys from 2006 to 2008. Now 39, he last played pro football in 2010.

IRS tax liens: the queen of hip-hop's big bill

The only inevitable things, the old saying goes, are death and taxes. That is surely an overly pessimistic view of the world. But in the case of taxes, there is certainly a sense that, as taxpayers, we can pay now or we can pay later.

Tax liens have become big business

Adam Smith, the 18th Century economist, has become a capitalist icon in today’s America. It was Smith, after all, who in “The Wealth of Nations” wrote so persuasively about the productive capacity unleashed by humans’ capacity to “truck and barter.”

IRS Tax Lien Filed Against Cameron County Commissioner

In previous posts we have warned our Texas readers that the Internal Revenue Service is being increasingly vigilant in tax collection matters. Offshore accounts are no longer safe from IRS tax examiners. High-income taxpayers are being audited and when the IRS believes a mistake has been made, the fines and penalties begin their steady accumulation.

Tax Bill Turns into Tax Lien Nightmare for Plumber and Wife

In a previous post we alerted our Texas readers to the common practice of tax liens being bought and sold, sometimes with disastrous results. For one family, a plumber and his wife, a small tax bill has turned into a monumental problem.

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